Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Glenn Beck Rally Draws a Tea Party Crowd in Illinois

Another Glenn Beck Rally, "Right Nation 2010" brought Tea Party activists and supporters to the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The Glenn Beck rally sold around 5,500 tickets ranging in cost from $50 to $1,200 each. Of course, Glenn Beck was one of the keynote speakers.

The controversial Fox News host has been trying to get out a message that things need to change in the United States.

"Will you all raise your right hand and swear you will stop sending politicians to the rest of us," he said. "We must change directions. The kind of change America was looking for was a restoration of our honor, principles, values and the entrepreneurial spirit." Is the message that Glenn Beck had for the crowds.

Of course, the appearance drummed up controversy and has shaken up the Illinois Gubernatorial race. Republican candidate Bill Brady came to the Right Nation 2010 rally, but Pat Quinn - the incumbent/Democratic candidate crticized the move, noting that Beck doesn't align himself with any party and doesn't seem to put people together.

The attendance at this week's Glenn Beck rally was a far cry from the Restoring Honor Rally, but whenever he speaks, people listen whether they love him, or love to hate him.


  1. I love how the right is excited that 5500 people showed up to this event when the Sears Centre holds 11,000. Im sure more people would have come if Becks ridiculous prices were lower. What can you expect from such a guy who makes things up to get ratings. I wish Dems would have had more to say about this though, because Bill Brady was there. This lack of courage and foresight has convinced me to vote for Independent Scott Lee Cohen.............

  2. Funny how you can talk about Glenn Becks fees and say nothing about what he stands for . I watch Beck for free on TV and see what he is talking about. I actually saw it before he ever saw a word about what was going on.There is more to tell about this story that can't even be put on TV.


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