Friday, September 24, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Update: 4th Alleged Victim Files Civil Suit (Video, Photos)

Bishop Eddie Long Update - 4th alleged victim files civil suit against the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church minister. This time, another victim claims that the Bishop slipped him Ambien and then made unwanted sexual advances.

The four young men claim that while they were as young as 15, Bishop Eddie Long has seduced them with lavish gifts and trips around the world. The newest alleged victim claims that while on a trip to Kenya, the minister gave him Ambien before making an advance.

Photos have been released by the attorney for one of the victims. The photos are of the minister in a bike suit - and were presumably sent to the victim. The photos are offered as "proof" of some looming sex scandal. However, the photos aren't dirty and don't appear inappropriate by themselves.

The scandal is deepening, but Bishop Eddie Long maintains his innocence. Hopefully the next Bishop Eddie Update will indicate innocence of these heinous allegations.


  1. all religions are lies, so obviously anybody who makes his living, if you can call a hustle like that "a living," from religion is a liar. people, please, stop sending your children to churches so they can be molested. stop beating your children because you think the bible and some hypocrite in a pulpit tells you to. they probably tell you to beat your kids because it makes them easier targets for rapists, i.e. themselves. the bible is a disgusting document, full of rape, child abuse, murder, and you name it. stop being dupes already. it's been at least 6000 years of this nonsense. if there is a god, he surely hates your church. unless your god is really a devil. and therein squats the toad.

  2. This is a further explanation that religions should be taxed.


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