Friday, September 24, 2010

[VIDEO] Stephen Colbert Goes to Washington

Stephen Colbert goes to Washington and the video clip is hilarious. Comedy Central host of the Colbert Report went to Congress on an invitation, and subsequently made a mockery of the entire institution. Political pundits and bloggers are eating up his antics, which were shocking considering where he was.

Colbert was speaking about an AgJobs bill, which would bring citizenship to illegals that work in Agriculture. These are the fruit/veggie pickers in the country.

As such, Colbert was asked to leave - and many are still talking about the appearance. He did it in character, and his humor was appreciated more by the press than it was the actual politicians he was addressing.

When asked if he was an expert after spending a day on a farm, Colbert replied that studying anything for a day makes him an expert (he was being sarcastic.)

Here's the video of Stephen Colbert goes to Washington...what do you think?

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