Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Delaware Election Results 2010: A Delaware Primary Brings Tea Party Victory

Delaware election results 2010: A Delaware Primary result brings the Tea Party a victory, as their endorsed candidate, Christine O'Donnell will run on the Republican ticket for the mid-term elections for Senator of Delaware.  Whether or not this is good news for the Democratic party has yet to be seen. 

Mike Castle, O'Donnell's primary opponent, has said that a win by O'Donnell would secure a loss during the mid-term elections.  There's no indication if she will even get support from the state Republican party! She's running against Chris Coons, who went without a challenger for the ticket. 

O'Donnell remains the underdog in the general election, but we will watch closely to see what impact the Tea Party movement is having on the political landscape, especially during the Delaware election 2010. 

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