Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Unemployment Extension and Tier 5 Benefits Amid 2010 Primary Elections

An unemployment extension and tier 5 benefits should be on the mind of constituents on a night of the final set of 2010 primary elections.  The Tier 5 benefits extension of unemployment doesn't appear to weigh heavily on the minds of politicians, as everyone on Capital Hill is sidetracked with the mid-term elections. 

Of course politicians will promise this and that, in hopes of keeping their job.  The truth remains that the administration is more concerned with health care reform, bailing out Wall Street, and making bills so complex that half the people voting on them don't even understand them. 

Meanwhile, jobless in America are suffering.  There are many people who don't know what they will do for their next meal.  Then, right at the Holiday Season, the 1-4 tiers of benefits will go away. 

Today, if you are among the states or in DC where the primary elections are going strong, take a step back and look at your Senator or representative's voting history. If they show indifference for the unemployment extension, they don't deserve your vote.  This is about Americans helping Americans not helping greedy politicians and bankers.


  1. Many of us 99ers are already homeless
    and have lost everything including
    our careers, money, credit, homes, cars,etc.
    In forclosure and/or bankruptcy…

    Now we are full of despair and can’t even
    fight anymore. Millions of us are now
    invisible except for the police throwing
    you off the street that you are now trying
    to live on.

    Your next step….how will you survive
    on the streets after losing everything?
    A Tier 5, if passed at all, will come to
    late for millions more.

    As usual, our beloved country isn’t prepared
    to deal with an emergency crisis. There isn’t even any counseling to deal with this
    much loss in a person’s life.

    This is our Tsunami, but no Hollywood stars or other countries are coming out to raise money for us.

    Check in on “google” today and punch-in
    “the new homeless.” This crisis has
    been going on for years. Not just for the

    P.S. Some people are employed at low
    paying jobs and are still homeless.
    A low paying job isn’t a solution either.
    It just keeps you alive and homeless.

  2. ************************************************************************
    Until the politicians are held responsible for their lies... It's just that! A bunch of lies to get elected. If not, don't expect much of anything to change except for faces. Politicians are just actors in politics. DEM or REP they all have been trained in a form of a "Screen Actors Guild". Term Limits of 5 years MAX! Fresh Blood in government now!

  3. These politicians are more concerned about their jobs than the jobs millions of Americans don't have. What goes around comes around. I hope they all find themselves on their butts with no job. But wait they still have an excellent pension plan paid by all of us Americans that don't have jobs.

  4. The government can find plenty of time and money for foreign countries while neglecting Americans at home who suffer through this economic fiasco. We the American people should always come first. Any politician who does not want to help his own people in time of need does not deserve to keep their job.

  5. Several republicans have proposed an extension where people will receive minimum wage pay. since they will control congress this is better than nothing

  6. washington wake up .people are starving .please help us people that cant survive .obama;where are you when we need you??????????????we need help now .

  7. This is the direct result of the bomb let off in Hiroshima. Leaders realized that we must have a one world government or eventually blow ourselfs into history. Our leaders have strived to achieve a one world wage balance and in so doing created havoc in the lives of the common American.
    Gone are the glory days.
    So many of our children do know prosperity.
    An America where every hard working Dad could put plenty of food on the table and mom could stay home with the kids. The bills where paid and vacations where the eagerly planned.
    The factory is now closed and so are the days of America the great but the kids are still here.
    Well some of them.
    America saves the world but who saves America?
    Too many Americans blame the victims without seeing the large picture of the coming one world balance.
    Bring back America!

  8. Please, everyone who is out here with these unemployment problems, please, please remember that it was the Republicans who held up the vote in the Senate for so long and now they are favored to become the majority in November???? How can we as Americans let this happen, they are only concerned with continuing the tax cuts for the wealty Americans and not worried about the middle income Americans who cannot find work and are becoming homeless because of it. Please let your vote do your talking for you in November. The Repubs are for the wealthy Americans and we will truly be forgotten if they regain control of the house and the senate. We need help now!! We need jobs now!!

  9. I agree that the Tier 5 unemployment benefits extension legislation should be passed, IMMEDIATELY :-)

  10. or we should revolt

  11. The 99ers must stay strong and keep stealing and killing until they find work

  12. Check out www.pjandfriends.com we will be talking about unemployment tomorrrow.


  13. Listen everyone stealing and killing is not the answer, I have been leaving messages on president Obama website about us 99ers,that we need that employment extension. Write your congress everyday,I wrote nancy pelosi,she didn't write me back, but I told her how I felt,and about us unemployed people. If you are reading this, let's form a rally, it's important that we be heard.

  14. What is this crap about the Republicans are Rich... Do you think the Democrats are poor? Do you think that the Democrats don't take advantage of the BUSH "TAX BREAKS". Clean you glasses or what ever it takes but loose the tunnel vision.
    Both parties are lawyers, accountant's and crooks. Vote the old minds out and let in the new ones. INDEPENDENT MINDS not TUNNEL VISION!

  15. --Reply to -September 14, 2010 9:43 PM--
    Do you really believe that the Democrats don't take advantage of the Bush Tax Breaks.

  16. obama is a piece of crap, so crap dont even think about running again youre a joke,trophy boy.

  17. Don’t tell Obama a piece of crap. Because of him unemployed people still getting checks. I can tell you for sure if any other president even any other democrat in the white house you guys had a tough luck way before that. Unemployed is not going to vote and that is the fact. That's why politician are not counting them. Everybody should vote democrat even if they don't put a bill for 99ers on the floor. Democrat did enough for unemployed and I think they are still trying to do something for 99ers. But republican is the main culprit here.

  18. ---Reply to September 14, 2010 11:37 PM---
    Ah,ha,ha,ha,ha... bur really, Ha, Ha, Ha!

  19. Harry Reid is not a republican, he is a democrat and he is the individual currently blocking 3706, the unemployment extension.

    Reid will not allow for a vote on 3706 and it is up to Reid and nobody else, if Reid allows a vote and republicans vote it down then beat them up but in the mean time Harry Reid is the reason people are suffering.

    People please contact harry raid and demand that he allows for a vote on 3706 the “Americans want to work act”,

    If republicans vote no they all need to loose their jobs, If democrats continue to block the bill they all need to loose their jobs, its that simple.

  20. America wake up! No politician who ingnores the unemployed especially those among them who over 50 years old should get your vote. Many 99ers are over 50 like myself. I have worked all my life in good paying jobs and at the age of 52 I am about to become homeless and for the first time in my life apply for food stanps.
    Our President who only knows how to give pretty speeches while delivering nothing but lip service to 99ers and those of us over 50 has abandoned us. Sure the Republicans hjave not helped tier 5 to become a reality but the Democrats have not even bothered addressing our issues. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU IN DC ESPECIALLY THE DEMOCRATS (WE VOTED FOR YOU) FOR NOT PASSING TIER 5 EXTENSION. START PACKING YOUR BAGS NOW. YOU HAve left us without even a basic lifeline of unemployment income... Neither we or our children will ever forgive Obama, Bela Pelosi and her buddie Reid for having abandoned us.

    YES WE CAN !!!

  21. Oh my, Ricky is crying, whining,farting,burping, about the the never will happen tier 5. You poor thing, maybe you should stick a carrot in your ear. waaa. It will never happen. No more free loading,lazy, couch potato handouts. bye, bye tier 5. POUND THE PAVEMENT RICK. WISHFUL THINKING, VOTE FOR GLENN BECK

  22. No tier 5, No Americans want to work act. Not happening. Get a job, get off the couch, quit watching Springer and get a life. Big Daddy is watching. NO MORE TAXES FOR THE FAT LAZY 99ERS. Now go back and find your Johnson, if you have one. BIG DADDY KNOWS BEST.


  24. Republicans ruined America .

  25. If bush tax cuts expire we save 600 billion over ten years, 6 months to extend UI? 30 billion. If the tax cuts dont expire we add 600 billion to our deficit over a 10 year period. Hummmmmmmm........ just a cpl of months ago didnt the GOP scream that the unemployed were doing nothing but adding to the deficit? .......One more reason why i hate the GOP with every fiber of my being.

  26. Check out www.pjandfriends.com we will be talking about unemployment tomorrrow.


  27. Maybe if Lady GaGa posted a tweet about an unemployment extension Harry would get right on it!!

  28. When you see the actual dollar amount of these tax cuts (or not) it puts it in a different perspective. Do the math yourself to determine how many days or partial days the tax cut (or not) amounts to. (Last several paragraphs of this article:)


    They are spending all this time talking about this?!?! Just more proof they don't care about the 99ers, just their buddies, no matter which side of the aisle they're on.

  29. attica attica attica attica

  30. Dear Big Daddy,
    FYI I have a college degree, and 7 years experience in my field, not to mention dozens of awards for my work. I have been unemployed since Jan. of 09, and apply for dozens of jobs per month, even with a pay cut I have only had one interview since loosing my job. I know that there are many more like me, so stop being a douche!

  31. The only people on this site are the unemployed. Big daddy is recently unemployed too and he is collecting his checks still and he goes on here as he is one of the few who is abusing the system by watching tv all day and not looking for a job. Why else would anyone be on here unless they are unemployed. The rich certainly are not on here they don't even know it exists. So judt let big daddy be an ass like we all know he is and ignore him from now on.


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