Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eddie Long Scandal: Atlanta Area Bishop Sex Scandal Allegations

Bishop Eddie Long's sex scandal continues, as Atlanta area megachurch Bishop is plagued with allegations of homosexual misconduct. At least four young men have come forward and sued the religious leader after they claim he made unwanted sexual advances while they were teens in his youth ministry.

Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal photos.

For those that know and love the Bishop, the allegations are unfathomable. For those that don't know him, the allegations are reminiscent of various sex scandals involving the Roman Catholic church. It's just another indication that religious leaders can abuse their spiritual authority.

However, in his brief address to his church, the Bishop noted that he wants his case tried in a court of justice, and not a court of public opinion. This was a great statement. We don't have the facts or the capacity to interview everyone involved in the scandal, therefore we can't pass judgement.

However, the story is somewhat salient in the media. This isn't the first time a religious leader has been embroiled in a sex scandal, and it certainly won't be the last. However, the Bishop Eddie sex scandal continue to be the talk of the news until we have answers.


  1. Just another pedophile using the church as a way to get at young boys. Shame on him and the followers who believe his lies.

  2. And this is why I don't attend a mega church

  3. God is faithful and just and he will forgive us of all our sins. Who are we to past judgement on the Bishop. If he is guilty then we of the christian faith need to pray for his restoration. The gifts of god are not unto repentance. Truely many have learned a lot from his teachings. Everyone can fall and if this is the case I pray that he will get back up.

  4. I know that we are all human...And from time to time we sin knowing and unknowing! I can not judge this man because I was not there. But if he did sleep with those boys God is going to punish him royally he can buy all the Gucci,cars and homes. But you can't buy your way into heaven.We as Christian just can not turn our heads the other way on this matter...Also it is to many Tarzans running around trying to be Janes. If God wanted men to sleep together he would not have made me. I pray for his wife and family members because they are the ones that are truly hurting... Please think about being in her shoes now and how she feels Yuck.DARK/LIGHT

  5. This has nothing to do with a MEGA Church.You can attend a small Church and it could have happen ...( I don't attend a Mega Church because I won't know my pastor) I get so sick of everyone saying that ! Stop being a PEW member be a good servant of the Lord etc.... Small churches pastor normally sleep with all the other wives AhaH!

  6. Bishop Long is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. If the bishop didn't do want these men has claimed he did. That is shameful and we may not ever know the whole truth. But is interaction with these men makes him guilty as hell. If you mentor someone's child, you better be smarter than this dummy!!!

  7. Sin is sin!!!!!! Whether u lie, cheat, curse, use God name in vain, steal, matter what sin is being done if Godly repentance is not done then Hell is where you will open your eyes!! Every person commented on this blog has sinned regardless of position!!! The bible says, let he who is without sin cast the first stone!!!! Unless you are perfect, nobody should not be talking about anybody!! We all have sinned but the only thing is that a lot of us just haven't got caught!! You never know, you can wake up tomorrow morning and your sins can be brought before the church!!! You never know when the shoe is on the other foot!! Jesus didn't come into the world to condemn but that through Him the world saved!! For God so loved the world... We call ourselves Christians but as soon as someone does wrong we throw stones!!! Let's really be Christ-like and pray for everyone involved in this situation because you never know when we are gonna need someone to have compassion on us!! Remember judge ye not because with that same judgement you do on someone else it's gonna be used on you!! Be blessed!!


    "First there was one. Then two. By Saturday night there were four. Now there are reports that as many as 30 young men are prepared to come forward in the rapidly growing sexual molestation case against Bishop Eddie Long."


  9. he was just TAKING AUTHORITY...the writings on the wall for all that eyes to see. Eddie Long has been denying the truth of who he is and has manipulated young men to walk in his path damaging them and living a double life...making it rain with peoples money.

    hope this wakes up the religious nuts who don't believe in themselves but believe in a nut like this, watch this. yes i'm watching but still don't get it...were you supposed to say something deep or meaning full or just look like you were


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