Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Zealand Earthquake 2010 Photos, Pictures, and Video

The New Zealand earthquake 2010 photos, pictures, and video are starting to surface. The earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand luckily didn't claim any lives, but it did do significant property damage. There are a significant number of earthquakes each year in the "Ring of Fire" which does include the New Zealand area. However, it's been several years since a quake has been felt in such a populated area.

New Zealand has a curfew in place to keep people off the streets after dark. This is to protect property and people from criminal mischief that happens during widespread power outages. The curfew makes it that much easier for law enforcement to make sure that everything remains safe.

The quake happened at about 4:35 AM local time, and the quake was centered about 35 miles outside of Christchurch. So far, estimates peg the damage at $1.4 billion.

Photos of the New Zealand earthquake can be found here, and the video can be seen below.

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  1. MAN that earthquake was freaky i was soo scared and i couldnt get back to sleep!!


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