Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kevin Pietersen Twitter Rant Brings England and Wales Cricket Board Disciplinary Hearing

Kevin Pietersen's Twitter rant has landed him a disciplinary hearing of the England Wales Cricket Board. The player's outburst took place after he was left out of the one day match against Pakistan.  He quickly apologized and as such a suspension and a move to render his loan agreement worthless isn't likely. 

Pietersen's Twitter rant used the "f" word, saying that it was a "f--k up" that he was axed from the one-day match.  His apology indicates that he's not a technical genius, and that the message was meant for one set of eyes only, not the whole world. 

He said: 

It was something that wasn't for the public domain and I must apologise that it did end up there and also apologise for the language used in it. I would never ever swear on twitter going out to the public domain. So yes it is a big apology. It is now a case of looking forward to what is going to be an exciting couple of weeks.
"It was just a mistake that went out. Nothing against the England selectors or the set-up at all. I was pretty upset about my own form and a little bit frustrated.
"I have spoken to the coach, Twenty20 captain, the chairman of selectors and the managing director of England cricket and they totally understand."
So what do you think? Should Kevin Pieterson get in trouble for his Twitter Rant, which used a swear word or do you think we should all just look past this and move on? 
In other cricket news, three Pakistani players are undergoing a match fixing probe.  More information can be found here.

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  1. Fine him and move on. The main thing is to make sure he's in good shape for the ashes - his hundred yesterday should help.


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