Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meg Whitman: Arnold Schwarzenegger, CA Legislators Responsible for Budget Delay

Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay and California Republican gubernatorial candidate blames current governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California legislators for the budget delay.  She adds that public servants such as the governor and legislators shouldn't get paid or be allowed to travel until the budget is passed. 

The delay is negatively impacting schools and health departments. Without a passed budget, students at community colleges cannot get CalGrants, and the state cannot send money to school districts or health departments. 

The argument about the budget has extended, and now the legislators regular sessions are over. Whitman is quick to point out that under her leadership, she would be meeting with the heads of the legislative bodies daily until the budget was passed.

Democrats and republicans are at a stalemate. Democrats in the state want a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts - and a delay on corporate tax breaks voted in last year.  Republicans won't budge on the matter, and won't accept any tax increases. 

Schwarzenegger says that there are no consequences for not having a budget - and that means that they will never pass one on time. 

Meg Whitman is a billionaire and has spent millions of her own money campaigning for the office of governor of the state.

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  1. How about we lock that idiot Schwarzenegger and the entire legislature in, surround the building with national Guard troops, then tell them no one is leaving till we have a budget.

    And no, I'm not voting for NutMeg!


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