Thursday, September 2, 2010

Iranian Newspaper Claims Carla Bruni a Prostitute, Deserves to Die

An Iranian newspaper called Carla Bruni-Sarkozy a prostitute, and later said that she deserved to die.  Bruni posted a call for clemency of a woman sentenced to be stoned to death by the Iranian government for committing adultery.

The "prostitute" claims stem from the supermodel's active social life before she married the French president.  Many believe that she's the reason that Nicolas Sarkozy divorced his former wife. 

Bruni is far from alone in demanding the clemency of the woman in Iran sentenced to death by stoning. Many within the international community do not think that the crime warrants the punishment. 

The French Foreign ministry spoke out about the comments, and the Iranian government has publicly backed away from the comments made by the state-run newspaper. 

I must say I was shocked when Iran called Carla Bruni a prostitute. My jaw hit the floor when they said she deserved to die...

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