Tuesday, September 14, 2010

President Obama Back to School Speech 2010: 2nd Annual Address (Live VIDEO)

Watch President Obama's Second annual back to school speech on September 14, 2010.  Fear of indoctrination were rampant last year when the president was slated to make a back to school speech.  So far this year, the same panic hasn't occurred, and as far as we can tell there aren't widespread plans to remove students from school by their parents.

Still yet, at the last minute people can decide to change their mind and protest, and sometimes that's only to be expected when a political figure speaks.

The 2nd annual address takes place at the Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School in Pennsylvania at 1:00 p.m. Live streaming video is available below. 

So what do you think about Obama's second annual speech? Do you think it's good or bad? Do we run the risk of indoctrinating our children by allowing them to listen to political figures at such an early age? 

Live video feed can be seen below, and if the player is not visible then you can click here to go to UStream.


  1. I think the reason there has not been as much made of this speech, is that frankly, it has not been advertised or talked about. I found out about it from a mom forum I am on, and then I talked to the principal at my children's school. I don't need Obama to tell my children to do good in school, that they are special and can be successful. I can do that myself. I requested that my children either be able to leave the room or I would go get them if it is being shown. My principal said IF they decided to watch it, it would only be shown to the older kids, so my two youngest would not be watching it. I also have a child in middle school, and I figure that if they show it to them, she has enough sense at this point to ignore him. I really feel like they downplayed this speech, even tried to hide it. I can not find a copy of the speech online, and I am sure it has been written for some time.

  2. Your comment is disgusting. Have respect for the office of the president if you have none for the president himself. Seems to me, your kids probably DO need to be taught about basics that you are obviously missing. Start with RESPECT for the country, and our leader, while in school and in other places. Sheep like you make me sick. Do us all a favor and Steralize yourself.

  3. Yall are both losers for being on this website both of yall get a life!

  4. Tracy,

    I'm amazed at your sheer ignorance. It seems you're the one who need to be taught. You're doing a terrible job of teaching your kids about basic respect. I feel sorry for them.

  5. I'm starting to realize I may not be a Conservative after all. They all strike me as a bunch of fearful p*ssies with NO BACKBONE: SCARED of this, FRIGHTENED of that.

    TERRIFIED to listen to a SPEECH!?!?

    (How totally embarrassing...)

  6. Tracy, I completely agree with you 100%. The media downplayed it, with hardly any mention. Luckily my child's school informed us ahead of time and she's not watching it. It's the parents job to tell kids to do well, they don't need to hear it from him

  7. Stupid can't be fixed but anon 3:22 and Tracy are both ignoramus.


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