Wednesday, September 15, 2010

President Obama's Children's Book "Of Thee I Sing" Penned Before Presidency?

President Obama's new children's book "Of Thee I Sing" was written for his daughters.  The president, if nothing else, is a fabulous father that adores his little girls. The new book, according to a press release from Random House Publishers, will become available to the public on November 16, 2010.

The President didn't undertake this endeavor as a mean to pad his own pocket.  On the contrary, he claims he will donate all proceeds to charity or a scholarship foundation.

Whenever he President does something, people get riled up. Some believe that the manuscript was written while the President was in office and should have had better things to do - like tending to our flailing nation. However, there are official sources quoted as saying that most of the book - if not all was written well before Obama took office. 

The book will take readers on a journey through America's history, showcasing top icons and what they believed. Do you think that it is inappropriate for a high profile political figure to pen a children's book? Do you think that this will open up a chance for political indoctrination? 

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