Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quran Burning Cancelled And Arguments and Protests Still Continue

A Quran burning by Terry Jones was cancelled, after much pressure from the government, top military officials, the press, celebrities, and the general public. The controversial burning of the Muslim Holy Book was a planned protest against the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the Ground Zero mosque.

Terry Jones is from Gainesville , Florida and is the pastor of Dove World Outreach. Some peg him as the leader of a “cult” and others are flabbergasted that such an eccentric and controversial figure could create such a divide within the country.

While Jones’ church did not burn the Koran as planned, there were isolated incidences in New York and Tennessee where these fires took place. In addition, protests in Afghanistan left two dead and a few others injured.

The Muslim world and the western way of life is increasingly at odds, and it’s hard to find a happy medium. Where the 911 mosque will most likely be constructed despite strong opposition, the Quran burning was cancelled after strong opposition was received. There’s a growing discord, and one cannot help but wonder when things will change.

Although the Koran burning wasn’t a wise idea, it was cancelled. What do you think about all of this?


  1. This douche from florida is 1600 miles from Ground zero and using my/our (new fucking yorkers!) pain/suffering/despair/emptyness in his craptastic media stunt. He doesn't walk the promenade every day and see the void that was left behind, we do. You don't see us staging BS Like this! If anything we should burn his ugly ass handlebar moustache right off his idiot face for putting us in danger, i mean shit if people retaliate cause of this do you actually think they would bomb gainsville? No there's nothing to hit there. I'm pretty sure i speak for most new yorkers when i say Mr. Jones, if you ever come to NYC you are going to need alot more than the 40 cal on your hip if you plan on ever leaving.

  2. The problem isn't that Koran burning isn't a "wise idea", but that it does against core American values, no? I don't know about everyone, but personally, I value freedom of religion. I know that I want to live in a world where people are judged not by "the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

    Burning the Koran is about saying, "Muslims are a threat to us," and "Muslims are responsible for 9/11."

    If Muslims are responsible for 9/11, the rest of us are in a whole lot of trouble. There are 1.5 BILLION Muslims. If all of them are responsible for the actions of a dozen of them, can you imagine how responsible every American is for torture of prisoners in the "War on Terror"? We're much *more* responsible b/c our govn't is officially acting in our name. We give it tacit approval by not protesting in the streets. How can 1.5 BILLION people protest the CLANDESTINE plots of a few? This is preposterous.

    I value peace and equality and freedom. I don't think burning Holy books of *any* religion is going to bring this about. Does anyone?
    Burn the Koran could *only* serve to convince more Muslims that the USA *is* trying to attack them. It can *only* serve to make terrorist recruiting easier.

  3. Mr. Jones has his right of freedom of speech & religion to burn the Quran as any other U.S. person has the right to burn the Bible in the USA. You and others might be offended by such acts but this is the United States of America and its our constitutional right! Everyone in the US is entitled to express their beliefs freely without any retaliation. This is what makes us different from other countries and provides a higher tolerance of others. You don't like it, then go live in a country where you are comfortable with your beliefs and not others.

  4. I see what you are saying, but it's not necessarily retaliation from Americans that we are talking about. Were this to happen it could have sparked something in the same terrorist groups that attacked in the first place. Yes, it's permissible, but is it really beneficial to do something like this, I don't think so.

  5. Whether you agree with burning things as a form of protest or you don't we can all agree that the so called "Pastor" needs psychiatric help. Burning flags or other objects is certainly not a common occurrance here in U.S. but it seems to be quite popular in Middle East. I, for one, would prefer not to act more like our enemies. Let the terrorists act like idiots and we'll get on with our lives.

  6. I think it's hard to condemn Pastor Jones for his call for a "Burning Day," despite the criticism he has received, and the threats of reprisals that came about because of his proposal. I think that what a lot of people are missing in this conversation is that it has only been in the last hundred and fifty years (out of two thousand or so!) that Christians have really been able to feel their culture, their faith, and their very way of life were not under constant attack. Before the Ottoman Empire and the Barbary Pirates began to lose their relevance in the mid-1800s, Christians everywhere faced the all-too-common problem that it seemed the only way to make themselves safe was to do unto others even harder than they did unto us. And while I as a Christian might not think that burning Korans will help, that doesn't mean that I can really say I'm not familiar with the kind of anger that pushes people to lash out at those they see as attacking them.

  7. It is wrong for a pastor to burn a Koran.

    The bible teaches to tolerate and respect others.

    Yes legally he can burn the Koran, but that contradicts the Bible.

    Whatever we believe I think the future of the world depends on tolerance and empathy towards others.

    Fundamentally both Bible and the Koran stand for peace.

    There are extremists on both sides who distort the interpretations of those books, and we do not need to feed the flames to help the radicals achieve their goals.

  8. Every person has the right to do whatever they please with any "object" in their possession. Although I do not agree with the thought of burning the Quran, I do believe that we should not penalize people for doing something that has no direct impact on ourselves.

  9. The problem with the burning of the Koran is it would make us the same as them.They have burned bibles,OUR flags,even posters of our presidents.I to believe in the freedom of religion,my mother was buddist,my father old roman Catholic and I and my siblings attended various different churches of all different denominations so I like the freedom of my choice to go where the Lord leads me not man.I don't know much about their religion but I do know they are serious about it and we should be just as honorable of ours.But would we be serving a higher power by waging war for burning a book.My religion is in my mind and heart and soul ,reading the book allows me to learn more about God and how I may serve him but no where does it say for us to wage war against another man I can't believe that any God would condone that action.But this is only MY OPINION.Thank you

  10. Burn a quarn and they will burn our bible.
    It's paper. Inflamese much mor I supose. I think your an idiot to do this. your congregation shoud fire you. they will and wish they never met you. All a big deal about nothing you sensationalist. Idiot again.

  11. look at salman rushti that twat had to have plastic surgery and is hiding like a muppet because he wanted to disrespect islam now this idiot is trying to mess with the word of ALLAH he is so fukd ssome one gona end up shuvin him back up his mums a... hole SOB

  12. im a muslim i strongly believe in my holy book, and there are so few other things that i believe in,two main reasons: i dont believe in politics and i abhor politicians. think they are responsible for hateful ideas embedded in all religions, Islam included.(they have set the whole planet on fire and rule like phoney baloney gods.)i don't hesitate to reject many defining stuff in my religion, im not a researcher in these matters and never care to be.but the holy Kuran? i uphold the holy book and never cease to read it and understand it.i believe in the Prophet and the Book and hate disrespect.
    ive got a brilliant idea for you guys . terminate the foolish war. respect all religions. they are all the same and they are not that much important.


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