Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarah Palin at Ronald Reagan Dinner Backs Tea Party Express Over Republicans

Sarah Palin at the Ronald Reagan Dinner in Iowa backed the Tea Party express right over the Republican party. Although the Republican party has a good opportunity to take back the House and the Senate, the rift caused by the Tea Party movement may just cost them that opportunity. 

Sarah Palin became one of the highest profile Republicans when she was added to John McCain's ticket for his 2008 presidential bid.  Before then, the Governor of Alaska from Wasilla was nothing more than just a governor.  Now, she's almost as controversial as Glenn Beck. 

Some Palinisms were shared at the Ronald Reagan dinner this weekend in Iowa.  They were: 

“I’ve lost games, races, reputation,” Palin said in beseeching Republicans to keep up their determination. “You lose some, you win some.”

“I’m confident and I am hopeful because this is our movement,” Palin said of Republicans’ ability to restore America. “This is our moment. This is our Normandy in America.”

“In just 46 days, Republicans will put their ideas and their experience on the line to let the voters decide. It is time to unite.”

So what do you think of Sarah Palin's quotes? Do you think this is the Republican's "Normandy" 


  1. Palin has the right idea. The American people, aka the hard-working, struggling middle and lower middle class, are fed up with the so-called elite conducting politics as usual. The Republicans need to see this and fully embrace it. Let the Republicans unite with the Tea Party and clean house Nov. 2nd. Its what the PEOPLE want.

  2. Unfortunately, I think career politicians lose the" fire in
    their belly". This is not only saddening, but also dangerous,
    because it allows loose canons to appear on the
    scene and influence people's thinking without looking at the entire picture......."a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing"


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