Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarah Palin for President 2012?

Sarah Palin for President 2012? Many are hoping that Sarah Palin will be running for president in 2012, after failing to help the candidate for president, John McCain, win during the 2008 presidential bid.  Sarah Palin has as many fans as foes, and all in all she's been a dynamic individual in the American political scene.

With close ties to the Tea Party, Sarah Palin has had her hand in a considerable amount of Tea Party upsets within the GOP during the 2010 mid-term election primaries.  There are several candidates, including Joe Miller from her home state of Alaska, who were backed by her and upset the establishment.

Christine O'Donnell - a controversial conservative candidate for Senate in Delaware (who told Bill Maher in 1999 that she "dabbled in witchcraft") also pulled off an amazing upset, after being endorsed by the Tea Party. 

As Sarah Palin has had significant influence, will she be able to win the hearts of America's public in 2012? Does she even stand a chance against republican greats such as Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, or Newt Gingrich? 

Although Palin has yet to announce a candidacy for president, the hype remains. What do you think? Would you vote for Sarah Palin for president 2012?


  1. The best thing she could do for the Democrats in 2012 is to run for President. Walking out on her job (which is to represent an entire state) mid-term to make more money giving speeches and writing books? No independents wanted her in 2008 -- and even less will want her after her Tea Party antics of late. Quitting a publicly elected job for better profits elsewhere -- values indeed! Please, please run for President, Ms. Palin -- then Obama will surely be re-elected!

  2. I love how dems always go out of their way to knock their rival down-anonymously. Instead of lashing out why don't they just support who they stand behind?

  3. If Sarah dumbell Palin becomes president, I would then know this nation is lost. My family would leave this country and never look back. She is a silver tongued ignoramous. What concerns me is that so many Americabns think she's actually a viable person to consider for president. Hmmm...if things fot hard (like the first hour of the presidency) would she quit. She is such a quitter. She is evil as well as stupid. Just what we want for a leader. Astupid woman who speaks out of her rear end!


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