Monday, September 13, 2010

Sarah Shourd, Iran Prisoner, Released on Bail?

Sarah Shourd the Iranian prisoner, could be released on bail.  Originally, Iran said that they would release Shourd without conditions and give her clemency in commemoration of the end of the Ramadan holiday.  Granting clemency at the end of the Muslim holiday is commonplace, and signifies the forgiveness and grace of Allah.

Now, it appears as if Shourd will be released on $500,000 bail - which is far from the amnesty that was promised in the past. However, she is in need of medical attention and not being released will certainly guarantee grave illness, or even death.  Reports indicate that she has found a lump on her breast. 

She also has precancerous changes in her cervix that have gone untreated.  Getting swift treatment ensures that she will have a complete recovery - and possibly have the ability to have children. 

As for the other two Iran prisoners, the issue is sensitive and authorities aren't speaking. However, we are happy that Shourd appears to be able to be released.

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