Monday, September 27, 2010

Stephen Colbert Congress and Jon Stewert/Colbert Rallies

Stephen Colbert's congress testimony took place on Friday. In character, Stephen Colbert delivered to Congress his testimony about his one day as a migrant worker. He cracked jokes saying that soil is at ground level, and if we put a man on the moon we should figure out a way to make soil waist level.

He poked fun at the absurdity of the AgJobs bill, and how focusing on who is picking our food (American vs migrant worker) is like splitting hairs, especially when widespread immigration reform is not underway.

Still yet, although the comedian delivered what some people think is a farse and a travesty and waste of taxpayer money, others indicate that he had a powerful message.

Given that we are on the heels of the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert dueling rallies in Washington DC, all ears are on Colbert.

Will Stewart and Colbert use their humor and audience to send a message, or is the rally just going to be a big joke? The two are pushing for progressive causes, and so far Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and their conservative views have been shown in a more serious light. If Americans want change, people like Stewart and Colbert can help, but they are going to have to have a mix of humor and seriousness in their message. You can view Stephen Colbert's congress testimony here.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Mr. Colbert.

    You've changed the face of Democrat politics:

    I prefer the new, silly face to the menacing one with the fangs...



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