Monday, September 27, 2010

Stephen Colbert Congress Appearance Appropriate? House Leader Says No [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert's congress appearance on Friday to share his experiences as a migrant worker were not appropriate, according to the House Leader. Many say that the comedian was able to bring light to a very serious discussion. Given that Colbert is going to host one of the 10/30 rallies at the National Mall, it seems as if he's become more of a political icon than an entertainment personality.

Steny Hoyer said that the in-character testimony was more of an embarrassment to Colbert than it was to the House, and that his appearance "was not appropriate."

If you missed Colbert's testimony, click here to watch a video.

Colbert spoke sarcastically, drawing chuckles from the press and gaining Republican scorn. He was invited to the hearing by the Representative of California. Watch the video below and click here to read about the comments on CNN. Do you think, like Steny Hoyer, that Stephen Colbert's testimony wasn't appropriate?

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