Monday, September 27, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Scores, Recap Week 2 Brings Bristol and Ballas Good Scores on DWTS

Dancing with the Stars scores and recap for week 2 are available. The DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) week 2 scores and recap were exciting for the political world especially those that are rooting for Bristol Palin. This week, it appears as if she will be safe once more. She may not be the strongest, but she's certainly not the weakest.

Bristol and Mark Ballas received a score of 22/30 - pretty good! Two 7's and an 8 - much better than the 6/6/6 score she got last week.

Bristol also took Mark Ballas home to meet the mother bear. Sarah Palin was like any other beaming mom, so proud of their kid. She gave Mark a hug and thanked him for taking care of her daughter.

Sarah Palin was also in the audience, but wouldn't comment when asked who she thought the strongest candidate was. It was an amazing night that's for sure - well, as long as you're not Michael Bolton.

Sure, Michael Bolton can sing, but he sure can't dance! He scored the first ever "3" in show history! Bolton got a 12/30.

Other scores include Jennifer Grey's 24, Rick Fox, Brandy and Kurt Warner both scored 21/30 with their partners; Audrina Patridge got 23; Florence Henderson got 19; Kyle Massey got a 22 and the judges love him.

The Dancing with the Stars Scores and recap from week 2 look good for Bristol Palin. Are you voting for her on DWTS Week 2 or not?

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