Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anna Chapman Maxim Photos Available

Anna Chapman Maxim photos available. Anna Chapman, the famed Russian Spy who was arrested in the US and then Deported in the Russian Spy exchange has been featured in the pages of the Russian version of Maxim magazine.

The anticipation over Chapman, who is one of Russia's 100 hottest women, was so great that the servers at Maxim crashed when they released a video of the woman scantily clad.

These aren't full nude photos, but they are very hot. She's featured wearing her bra and panties, and wielding a gun.

It's too bad these aren't in the US version of Maxim. Sure, she's guilty of espionage...but that doesn't mean that men all over can't enjoy her hotness!

What do you think of the Anna Chapman Maxim photos?

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