Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christine O'Donnell First Amendment Confusion

Christine O'Donnell's First Amendment confusion didn't make him look any more credible to the droves of people that, like Meghan McCain, think she's a "nut job." During a Senate Debate, Christine O'Donnell expressed that she didn't know where in the constitution that separation of Church and State takes place. 

Yes, it's the First Amendment.  What little respect many had for Christine O'Donnell started to falter, although she did get some points back when Chris Coons was unable to answer what the five fundamental freedoms provided by the Bill of Rights are. 

Still yet, O'Donnell has been ousted as dabbling in witchcraft, she questions evolution, and no one really knows what she believes. Coons demanded she explain her views. Many say that Coons is a sure bet for November 2nd, but many would have said that Castle was a sure-thing for the primary. 

Below is a video about Christine O'Donnell's First Amendment flub.

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