Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Results

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Results. Surprise! Bristol Palin, daughter of political icon Sarah Palin, has not been voted off Dancing with the Stars, at least not yet.  Palin made it through week five, despite being on the bottom two twice and also failing to wow the judges, securing her lowest score since the first week.

Honestly, seeing Bristol Palin in a monkey suit made me think “oh goodness, she’s a goner” however, that didn’t transpire this week, instead – on her birthday – Florence Henderson was eliminated.

Sad, huh? Not only was it her birthday, it was also TV night and Henderson and Corky Ballas danced to the theme of the Brady Bunch.

Bristol wore a monkey suit, stripped out of it, and danced to “Hey Hey We’re The Monkeys”

The leaderboard was topped by Brandy this week, with her score coming in 2 points above Jennifer Grey.  Brandy is quickly making headway and I can definitely see her in the top 3.

I am sorry to say that I can’t say the same about Bristol Palin. I like the girl, she seems sweet but one day the Dancing with the Stars results will be that Bristol Palin was eliminated.

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