Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Book Thrown at Obama Video Brings Controversy

Book thrown at Obama during rally...Obama was at a rally in Germantown Pennsylvania when someone threw a book and it narrowly missed his head. Now, from watching the video below, it's hard to tell if the book was thrown AT Obama, or if this was just someone tossing a book and it just appeared as if it were going towards the President.

Juan James Rodriguez is the 24 year old rally attendee who was responsible for the flying book. The Associated Press reports that Rodriguez wrote the book that he threw at the President and was hoping that Obama would read it.

Yeah. And the Iraqi that threw a shoe at Bush made the shoe and hoped the president would wear it.

The funniest thing about the clip isn't that someone threw a book at Obama, it's that Obama was oblivious to the whole thing. I can imagine that he was sitting in the Oval Office browsing the web and saw the clip and thought...man...I don't remember seeing that book thrown at my head.

So what do you think...do you think that President Obama will read the book that was thrown at him?

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