Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rick Sanchez Fired from CNN and Continues Apologizing

Rick Sanchez fired from CNN and continues apologizing. Rick Sanchez, the former CNN contributor was fired after calling Jon Stewart a bigot on a Sirius radio show. He has since apologized several times.

Despite Sanchez’s apologies there’s no indication that anyone is hiring him any time soon.

Sue Sanchez, Rick’s wife took to Facebook and apologized for her husband’s word, and blamed his poor choice of words on “exhaustion.”

Sanchez then issues a statement saying he called Jon Stewart, and admits that the comments he made should have never been made.

More on Rick Sanchez here.

ABC’s Good Morning America interviewed Rick, and he said he’d “absolutely” go back to CNN and called Stewart the “classiest guy in the world.”

Yesterday, Sanchez participated in an online discussion at the Washington Post and once again showed regret for his words.

So far, there’s no indication that Rick Sanchez, who was Fired from CNN will be re-hired by the network or anyone else any time soon.


  1. American Jews make up only 2% of the population of America. Yet: 46% make over $100,000 per year, they make up 15% of the U.S. Senate, 13% of the U.S. House of Representatives, 67% of members of the Board of the Federal reserve, 33% of the U.S. Supreme Court. Media: Just taking CNN only, 55% of corporate officers for TBS, which owns CNN, are Jewish. On air, Larry King, John King, Howard Kurtz, Eliot Slpitzer, Jeffrey Toobin, Paula Zahn, etc.. Rick Sanchez has nothing to apologize for.

  2. I am not Latino and not Jewish and I think Rick was a fantastic news anchor for CNN and I truly enjoyed listening to him. I hope CNN will keep him on as he was a great asset to the CNN news as I see it. On the other hand, Eliot Sipitzer is negative to CNN as I think. I immediatly turn CNN off when he is on as I don't appreciate him at all and his past is far more offensive than Rick mistake.

  3. Does it matter that Jewish people are successful. Anyone who has a problem with that are jealous of their wealth and ability to stick together as a community. White people better get ready to be a minority in the US. That means Jewish and non-Jewish persons!

  4. Hey Rick
    Maybe original post lost. Anyway, enough on the apoligies already; in fact NONE REQUIRED, you and Brook make a great team, hope to see you soon back on CNN, or perhaps on another network, not FOX.

  5. I'm glad to see that lame, tired excuse for a reporter gone. He's always had a smart mouth, like when he jumped all over that guest weatherman during the tsunami alert in Hawaii. Well he's out of a job, let's hope he doesn't go on a drunk driving rant like before and kill another innocent pedestrian. Stay gone you drunk!!!


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