Saturday, October 30, 2010

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Premiere At TLC

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Premiere At TLC is something that Tea Party supporters, Sarah Palin fans, and Sarah Palin foes are excited to see. What's up with Sarah Palin, the political icon that has the entire nation captivated in a sense.

Even if you don't particularly agree with her political views, there's something about Sarah Palin that is essentially magnetic. Perhaps it's that she makes up words. Perhaps it's that she refers to women candidates for office as "Mama Grizzlies" or perhaps it's that she refers to the average person as "Joe Six Pack"

There's something about her that's so...down to earth. We can see her as the average "hockey mom" but perhaps not Commander in Chief.

Below see a video premiere of "Sarah Palin's Alaska." It's a show that's highly anticipated. Perhaps it will tell us more about Sarah Palin and what makes her tick.

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  1. Sarah Palin's "so called" made up words are referred to as Portmanteaus and the expression of creative thoughts, i.e., thinking outside the box. Something I am sure you are not familiar with.

    A portmanteau (pronounced /pɔrtˈmæntoʊ/ ( listen), plural: portmanteaus or portmanteaux) or portmanteau word is a blend of two (or more) words or morphemes and their meanings into one new word In linguistics, a portmanteau is defined as a single morph which represents two or more morphemes


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