Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chris Coons Releases Anti-Christine O'Donnell Ad

Chris Coons, the democratic opponent in the Delaware Senate race has released Anti-Christine O'Donnell ads. In these ads, Coons is basically kicking a woman while she's down. You see, O'Donnell trails Coons by double digits in the polls, pretty much assuring a Coons victory in 10 days. However, Chris Coons still took the opportunity to show the world how nutty his opponent is, while in essensce painting himself in a "normal" light.

SO why the negativity?

O'Donnell has received a lot more air time than her opponent. She's launched negative ads against Chris Coons, and sometimes in politics the worst thing you can do is ignore negative ads. In addition, Coons can't be to sure of a victory as Christine O'Donnell staged a shocking upset during the primaries. It will be amazing if she does the same once again amid all of the witchcraft, evolution , masturbation, and other nutty "O'Donnellisms" that were released.

What do you think of Chris Coons' Christine O'Donnell Ad?


  1. Hey you are going to lecture on the Separation of Church and State, you should know your facts "Patriot" because Christine is exactly right it is not mentioned in the 1st amendment in fact the term is traced to Thomas Jefferson in 1802, so when Coons said it was in the first amendment he was wrong and she was right so everything you just said applies to Coons and yourself not to Christine.

  2. Coons will rubber stamp the owebama socialist, tax and spend, entitlement, PAYOLA agend. O'Donnell won't. She's got my vote.


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