Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wikileaks Iraq War Documents Leak

Wikileaks Iraq war documents leak is a big deal. After all, the Wikileaks Iraq war documents leak is not at all attractive to the American public. Not only did the leak of information threaten national security, it also makes the American military look bad in the wake of the continuous war efforts.

In addition, the treatment of Iraqi prisoners at Iraqi police stations were abusive. In fact, on over more than 100 occasions, the US troops reported to their superiors the bad treatment of prisoners. However, they were told not to intervene.

Remember...we are supposed to be setting up Iraq so that they can be their own "democracy." We can't tell the police what they can and cannot do...and obviously they have differing views on what constitutes "humane treatment."

In addition, death total counts for noncombative deaths were revealed, graphic details of civilian deaths, and Iranian activity within Iraq all were made public. Of course, this move was widely denounced by the US Government. See video coverage below of the story.

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  1. The released documents show the daily life of the conflict, as U.S. soldiers have experienced it. In addition, it appears from the thousands threat analysis, attack reports and arrest records but also reconstruct exactly how has unfolded, the Islamic brother struggle between Shiites and Sunnis, how society brutalized, such as abductions, executions and torture of detainees routine was. Even activists from neighboring Syria, Iran and Jordan mingled the documents revealed in this war. It is shown again and again. A war benefits no one. Only the people suffer.


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