Saturday, October 2, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Nixed Being Hare Krishna Because She Loves Meatballs

Christine O'Donnell and Hare Krishna? I'm starting to feel sorry for the Tea Party backed candidate in the Delaware senate race. Christine O'Donnell has become the political target of every liberal pundit, and a few conservative ones as well. The zany senate hopeful is the specific target of Bill Maher.

In the third clip that has been released by Bill Maher, Christine O'Donnell said she's dabbled in about every religion, but decided against Hare Krishna because she didn't want to be a vegetarian.

Now, could it be entirely possible that she was just being sarcastic and just joking? Perhaps the witchcraft comments were taken out of context, and maybe - just maybe these religious quotes were being taken out of context, too.

Last week's clip showed the world that O'Donnell knows nothing about the theory of evolution, and she doesn't realize that creationism and evolution are just two theories used to explain our existence. She asked Bill Maher why monkeys aren't still turning in to people if it were true - a comment she probably wishes some 10 to 12 years later that she didn't say.

What do you think of this week's Bill Maher Christine O'Donnell clip? Has anything surpassed the witchcraft video yet?

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