Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Nation Rally Brings Unions, 99ers, and Tea Party Haters Together

Today the One Nation Working Together Rally will bring together hundreds of liberal groups in hope of inspiring Americans to head to the polls on November 2nd.  The One Nation rally is, in a sense, a counter to Glenn Beck's Rally to Restore America.  The rally takes place before Stewart and Colbert's dueling rallies, which are slated for tonight.

Some criticize the rally because it is staged AFTER congress has already left to go home and there's nothing that can be done before the mid-term elections.  However, there's a lot of hope that those running for office will see what is important to Americans and keep that in mind.  It will be interesting to see if the rally will impact nay campaign promises from both the Democratic an GOP sides. 

The GOP's main focus is passing the Bush tax cuts.  If they expire, it's going to amount to one of the largest tax hikes in our modern day.  Still, there's a lot of partisan push and pull - with the Democrats chastising the Republicans for wanting to cut taxes, while the Republicans are chastising the Democrats for the stimulus spending. 

The One Nation rally will continue today with hundreds of liberal groups joining forces to try to make changes. We'll keep you informed.


  1. Enough is enough we need action from congress give me a job or benefits. No more ignorance and stupidity. Stand up for Americans and their children. You are compassionate for helping everybody except your own people. You go home to relax, while millions of unemployed going dawn the drain, congress should be ashamed of themselves, and to be representative of the greatest nation on earth.

  2. Decide for YuorselfOctober 3, 2010 at 6:38 AM

    Do not ask for whom the bell tolls,; it tolls for you.


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