Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deadly "Fleeing From The Devil" Incident

A deadly "Fleeing From the Devil" incident has left a baby dead and several others injured in France. The "Fleeing from the Devil" incident is quite bizarre, even by French standards. Basically, a group of 12 people ran out of a 2nd story apartment, and fell to the ground.

The story goes like this: a woman awakens to find her husband naked and moving about the room and screams out, "it's the devil"

The man runs into a room where several guests were. They start screaming. Someone stabs the man as he's pushed out the door.

The naked man forces his way back in. The people who were inside the house jumped off the balcony, and a small baby died as a result of their injuries from the jump. The naked man also took a dive off the balcony.

Oddly enough, the French police did not find any evidence that the people had been drinking or doing illegal drugs. It's odd to think that the "Fleeing from the devil" incident would transpire, let alone happen without the help of any illegal substance. Something smells fishy to me!

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  1. If its a bunch of black people from Africa (younger than 50 yrs of age) then they are still culturally aligned with pagan stuff from the DARK continent...


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