Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eddie Long Scandal; Bishop Asks PI For Sex Scandal Investigation Assistance

Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal continues, as the Bishop asks for the assistance in investigating the scandal. Eddie Long is accused of sex abuse against four young men who were dubbed his "spiritual sons." Early on in the allegations and claims, some photos surfaced of the Bishop standing in front of his mirror in workout clothes. These were allegedly sent to one of the victims and will be used as "proof" of the case.

You can view the scandal photos here.

Now, to help with his defense, Bishop Eddie Long's attorneys have called on the help of a well known PI who was involved in trying to help find Natalee Halloway in the famed disappearance case in Aruba. This PI is named TJ Ward.

It's uncertain why a PI would be used to prove a defense to a case. Of course, perhaps the PI is trying to dig up data or information that would prove that somehow these men with allegations against the minister are conspiring to get large sums of money from him.

The Bishop Eddie Long scandal will take some time to figure out and rectify. Are the sex scandal allegations true?

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