Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rick Sanchez Jon Stewart A Bigot Comment Causes CNN Firing

Rick Sanchez' Jon Stewart a Bigot comment causes CNN firing? Rick Sanchez, the CNN personality has been fired.  On a Sirius radio broadcast, Sanchez called Jon Stewart a Bigot.  Now, I have to give Jon Stewart props because he's a comedian and he still gives Glenn Beck respect where respect is due.  However, although Sanchez's statements may have been offensive to some do they really warrant getting fired? 

In the Sirius radio address which lead to the dismissal of the CNN personality, he not only called Jon Stewart a Bigot, he also said that the media industry is ran by Jews.

Well you might say "so what" well, he meant it in a derogatory way.  There's no room in this world, particularly the liberal media, for racial slurs against any ethnic background.

Glenn Beck vs Jon Stewart click here.

Keith Olbermann from MSNBC is in his glory right now.  He even mocked his rival's termination. 

It seems to me as if Rick didn't like that Jon Stewart oftentimes made fun of him on his comedy show.  Perhaps he didn't understand the Satirical nature of the show at hand.  Sanchez's rant about Stewart ultimately lead to his dismissal.

Needless to say the (former) CNN contributor won't be speaking at the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rallies later this month...


  1. Sanchez should have realized that there ARE no bigoted Democrats:

    After all, if liberals were bigots, they'd elect Klansmen:


  2. I have never enjoyed Rick Sanchez. But what he stated this week is shared by a huge percentage of Americans, I believe. When the "free" media in a democracy is controlled by a group that is only 2% of its population, then the democracy no longer exists. I challenge CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC to list the top 20 executives, and top 20 reporters in their companies. With that they should post the religion and ethnicity of each. Then we shall see if Sanchez was wrong. When a financial analysist discusses a company's stock, he must reveal if he or his company have a vested interest in that stock. Fair. But when Wold Blitzer, just to pull out a newscaster, discusses "objectively" the situation in the middle east, we have a right to know that he is deeply invested, personally and financially in Jewish and pro-Israeli groups. If a Palestinian broadcasts on this subject (good luck) he must identify his connections as well. If a reporter is deep into a Vatican issue, he should identify whether he is Catholic. A DEMOCRACY, DEPENDENT UPON OBJECTIVE REPORTING TO MAKE DECISIONS, MUST HAVE THIS KIND OF TRANSPARENCY.
    You said Sanchez made hurtful remrks. I say rediculous. He was simply observing out loud what internally we are all thinking.

  3. I've always enjoyed Rick Sanchez.. maybe Fox will hire him.. !!!

  4. I think it's more about his tone and intent than what he said. Like if I said "OJ Simpson killed his wife because he hates white women. He's like all those other blacks that football is overrun by" and you tried defending me by saying "But... football is mostly played by blacks! He's not wrong!" Sure, but that's not really the point, is it?

  5. sanchez is right on

  6. You mean Sanchez was wrong and Jews don't run the media? I have been lied to.


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