Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Planet Discovered 2010, A Planet Like Earth Gliese 581G

New planet discovered 2010 a planet like earth aka Gliese 581G is making headlines. In what could be one of the most novel discoveries of our modern day, the new planet discovered could possibly support life. Of course, we don't know if it does or not. However, it's located in the Goldilocks zone from its red dwarf sun.

The conditions are that the temperatures on the planet aren't too hot or too cold to support life. Right now, it's not even certain what the planet is made of. For all we know, it could be made of all gas. If that's the case, no one could live there! It could also be made primarily of ice as well. We have no idea.

Furthermore, the life on the planet would be unique, as one half of the planet is always day and the other is always night, as it doesn't rotate on its axis like the earth days.

Planet Gliese 581G is going to go down in the history books as something amazing. Before we start booking travel to the planet in another solar system it's worthwhile to note that the new planet is 20 light years from earth, and as such would take hundreds of years to travel to using today's best technology.

Some of our readers have had some interesting things to say about the New Planet Found 2010. Reader Anonymous said "i agree i believe its planet x, which is orbiting our planet and the reason we have been told is because its now visible to amateur astronomers and people will know soon enough, looks like 2012 is still on and now proof is space"

Another Anonymous reader suggested that "could this be the missing planet that the Mayans and Sumerians were talking about ? and how has it taken this long to be discovered ? is this in fact nibiru or planet x making its 360,000 orbit of earth ? perhaps in the next year or so we may see this planet getting nearer, after all if its just visible i doubt they could determine just yet that it is planet x and is slowly approaching earth.......only time will tell but history left behind tells us of what is to come and to me it looks very very true"

What do you think of the new planet discovered 2010, a planet like earth Gliese 581G?

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