Sunday, October 3, 2010

New York Governor Race - Carl Paladino Cuts into Andrew Cuomo's Lead

The New York Governor's race isn't going to be a sure-bet for the Democrats this year. Carl Paladino is a staunch conservative, and under normal circumstance he wouldn't stand a chance in the liberal state of New York. However, people are getting tired with the way the government is run.

The Tea Party movement has been a rampant force, and it's one that threatens to undermine the Democratic majority in the federal government.

Now, Andrew Cuomo seems to be the perfect choice for New York governor. His dad was the former governor, and it's a point that Carl Paladino - a Democrat turned Republican - likes to point out.

However, face it - New York hasn't had good luck with Democratic governors. Spitzer stepped down when he was involved in a prostitution ring, and now Governor Paterson is embroiled in scandal.

Still yet, Paladino is a little unorthodox. Can someone as radically conservative as he is rally win the New York governor's race? (Click here to watch a video on some of his views) I guess we will find out the answer to that on November 2nd.

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