Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sarah Palin California Rally: "Soon We'll All Be Dancing"

Sarah Palin told a California GOP rally that "soon we'll all be dancing." As we enter the final two weeks before the November 2 mid-term 2010 elections, both the GOP and the Democrats will be fighting hard to ensure that voters make it to the polls.

The mid-term election is met with about as much bravado as a presidential election year. The Democratic lead in the House and Senate is in jeopardy as an anti-incumbent sentiment has swept over Americans.

Perhaps one of the most vocal Republican voices is that of Sarah Palin. She's skyrocketed out of nowhere to become one of the most well known political figures. Before the election two years ago, she was an obscurity. A seemingly unknown governor. Now, she's a GOP rock star.

Despite her popularity, there are mixed feelings about a presidential bid by Sarah Palin.

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