Monday, October 11, 2010

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin 2012?

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin 2012? Donald Trump, known simply as "The Donald" by some, is a real estate mogul, astute businessman, ladies man, and reality TV star...therefore, he would make a perfect president, now wouldn't he? Trump has hinted at running for office in 2012 and has characterized himself as a Republican.

That makes sense - typically, wealthy voters are Republicans because the views of the GOP are more favorable to the wealthy.

Sarah Palin has been coy about running for office, although Todd Palin grew irritated when Joe Miller failed to endorse Sarah Palin via an interview. This seems to hint that Sarah Palin is getting ready for a presidential run, herself.

Now, I don't know if Sarah Palin and Donald Trump would run together or not, but there are far more GOP members that I would love to see snatch the nomination. Mike Huckabee, Chris Christy, and Mitt Romney are all popular names thrown around (although none have made a firm commitment to a presidential run.)


  1. I think it's a little confusing. Why would Donald Trump make a run for president when he needs to stay focused on his billion dollar empire? He's building a 1 billion dollar golf course in Scotland, and many different global Trump hotels and other companies. Why would he leave his organization to run for president. The quote says always stay focused. It's one thing to stay focused on your organization and another thing to focus on America. I'm still confused.

  2. Running for president usually isn't about the money,its usually about regaining or shifting power. He should run because a country should be have the fiscal discipline of a well run company.... However, I would want to hear what his plans are to make opportunities for the american people...We need a major overhaul of our pre-college education system... He needs to layout a plan for the next 8 years on what he plans to accomplish. Yes 8 years, if he implements successful ideas in the first 4 we should allow him to continue.


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