Thursday, October 7, 2010

UFO Over China 2010: Another Airport UFO Sighting

UFO Over China 2010: another airport UFO sighting has been announced. This time, the UFO sighting took place on September 11, and was only the latest to be announced. Back in July a UFO was spotted over the Xioshan airport, and even closed it down for a brief period of time. Many think that the July sighting was a military exercise that remains secret. However, the UFO over China this time still remains a mystery.

As the sighting took place near an airport, some flights were re-routed to other areas so that passenger jets would not collide with the object. Still yet, this was an amazing occurrence.

Theories over why the UFOs in China keep appearing range from potential illuminated kites to Russian Satellites to US or Chinese missile tests. While there's no current explanation, sci-fi fanatics even hint at the possibility of this being indicative of life on another planet.

To see a video about the UFO over China, click here.

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