Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yonni Barrios A Chilean Miner Rescued Mistress vs Marta Salinas

Yonni Barrios A Chilean Miner Rescued Mistress vs Marta Salinas - The Chilean Mine rescue love triangle. Jon Stewart mocks the Chile miner rescue on his popular "The Daily Show." You have to admit that over the course of the last 24 to 48 hours, the media frenzy surrounding the Chilean miner rescue has bee a big hyperbole. The over-exaggeration was full of live streams, and even soap-operatic renditions of the 33 miners' life.

Did you know that one of the miners had a wife AND a girlfriend? At that they both showed up at the rescue site? This is a life detail we could do without, although you need to add drama to an otherwise mundane story to peak interest.

In addition to the love triangle, there were fights over who would be last, thus capturing a line in the 2011 Guinness Book of record.

All the miners have been safely rescued. Below is a video chronicling the love triangle felt by one of the rescued Chile miners. The dramatic tale added the soap opera twist that we Americans demand with our news.


  1. what do you mean mundane news story, I do admit, America is the bad guy especially when it comes to the media, we have an Illegal media outfit, there should be laws that regulate the media much more than it is now, but this was no mundane news story, It's true, most americans dont care about the miners, but all 33 and the rescue team came up alive after 70 days!!! if you call that wonderful story mundane, then what do you need to captivate your interest. The world is getting worse, and here something good happens, and again, the American perspective from blogger is a "mundane news story." I agree though, with the media, they should have stayed out of Yonni Barrios life, but the miners rescue was not mundane. Lets see you get stuck down there for 70 days, you wouldnt last a day my friend

  2. "Mundane" was meant as sarcasm as the situation was anything but.


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