Friday, November 12, 2010

Agenda: Unemployment Extension, Tier 5, Jobless Benefits Not On Lame Duck Session

Agenda: Unemployment Extension, Tier 5, Jobless Benefits Not On Lame Duck Session agenda. According to congress, the Unemployment Extension isn't very important at all. Today, during a Fox News broadcast it was brought to my attention that the unemployment extension isn't on the agenda during the lame duck session.

In fact, one of my colleagues pointed out this morning that Nancy Pelosi pretty much told the unemployed not to count on the GOP for extensions.

If that is the case, then I don't see why she and her democratic colleagues don't take the initiative to fight tooth and nail for the extension of benefits and possibly the Tier 5 before they get out of office.

Perhaps Ms. Pelosi is a little too bitter about handing over her gavel to John Boehner?

If the Unemployment extension isn't on the Lame Duck agenda then what is? Well, an Employment Anti-Discrimination act, the DREAM Act 2010, COLA Social Security adjustments, Continued Resolution Spending Bill, and of course the Bush Tax Cuts.

Just a question - what good is an Anti-discrimination employment act if everyone is unemployed?

Do you think that the Congress has their priorities in order, or do you think that the unemployment extension should be higher on their list of priorities?


  1. Does the "Employment Anti-Discrimination act" stop the INDEFINITE REPORTING OF CONVICTIONS? That's why I can't find a job. I am being endless persecuted for my past mistakes, none of which are felonies. On applications, the question, "Do you have a legal right to work in the U.S.?" As a U.S. citizen who has had some bad luck, I apparently no longer have that right.

  2. Out of site out of mind. We don't have donations and lobbyists like the wealthy. Maybe their just trying to scare us knowing that some moron unemployed voted rebub. Maybe and a big maybe they might throw us a bone despite those few idiots who voted the enemy.

  3. It Don't Make sense not to pass it, It Is a fact that it will help the economy and help put people back to work.

  4. They don't want a tier 5 because then the unemployment rate will exceed 12% an then everyone will really know how bad the economy really that's not counting the under employed an part timers seeking full time work..besides they don't have the green back to fund it...we're in trouble an they don't know how to tell us that we are DOOMED!!

  5. Just read that agencies aren't hiring because their clients have a hiring freeze.
    By the way Fox Network is all propaganda. I give the protestors credit that rallied yesterday. That is what it takes, not Fox's comments.

  6. Nancy Pelosi loves to zing people when they are down. She is putting the blame for their non action on the people. She should retire. She has no desire to help the people. She's only thinking of her power and to keep the minority seat. She is a very irritating person. The Dems will lose again with her.

  7. Typical fucking career polititions not giving a rats ass about the people. Instead giving money to third world countries with terrorist ties, corporations that helped put this country in the sewer and so on!!!!!!!!
    Our president could not run a Ant Farm yet a nation. He just talks shit.
    We are still FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. To bad this isnt just a black peoples problem. They fight for what they want and so does the people in other countries. It takes this type of behavior to get somewhere. Nobody is afraid of words. Its going to be survival of the most fit, and those arent just the lip service crowd.

  9. Why are we in trouble?
    Q. No manufacturing jobs
    Q. How do we close the bourders?
    A. We don't but if you hire a person without the proper paper work "you go to jail" no questions asked.
    Q. How do we stop the inports
    A. We don't (JUST BUY AMERICAN)
    Q. Health Care
    A. 1. You pay for your doctors visits out of pocket. 2. You only pay what the insurance company pay the hospitals.
    Q. Unemployment Insurance (99er)
    A. If you are over 55 you get full unemployment
    If you are over 62 you get full social security as if you were 65,65 ect.
    If you are under 55 full unemployment for 1 yrs and 1/2 unemployment for 6 mos. if you go back to work and or start your own business and then you pay no taxes for 2 yrs.

  10. Look, you womem know that every city has a street corner or 2 that you can work at and make good money, so get at it.

    And you lazy fat slob men need to stop being picky about a job and get up off your lazy asses and go to work.

    The Goverment cannot afford to keep giving you hand-outs while you laze around waiting on your dream job.

    Get motivated and get going

  11. Pelosi please say hello to my exwife when you get to Hell

  12. Help Organize All Local CommunitiesNovember 13, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    Follow us at USMOA.ORG

  13. LOL@ Texas Pete. You need to learn to spell women, or maybe you need to get one. Keep playing with yourself in Texas. Its probably the most work your fat a$$ has done in a year lol.

  14. I would somewhat agree with the comments that were posted by Texas Pete with the exception of the street corner deal. There are plenty of jobs in every city but probably not the jobs you would prefer. Now is not the time to be picky, take one or a couple of the many low paying jobs until something better comes along. Why not give it a try, its better than just sitting around depressed. I chop cabbage and lettuce heads out in the fields 4 days a week and run a cash register at a gas market 5 nights a week for $7/hour.

    Mr. Gonzalez

  15. Pelosi says no tier 5, with 1 job for every 5 people. We need to not let her be incharge of anything. And Texas Pete kiss my *%^%## for what you think. Discrimination is hi when looking for work yes pass something to stop it but also pass tier 5. I will be forsed out of my house before Christmass with out tier 5 and that sucks.

  16. Quit whining, its over.
    Oh these people are going to have to find these jobs that they didn't think they could take...because its either that or under the bridge for them. Its getting ka-ka-ka kold out there ain't it.

  17. Texas pete can suck a fat kentucky Dick like his wife....Puck ass redneck sister fucking mother!@#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. We need a tier 5 as the 99ers are being forgotten and left out. We can't find jobs and if you are over 40 forget it. We have no money now and we can't pay for anything so we are adding to our bad economy as we can't pay. Is this good business for our country? I think not. They need to add a tier 5 so we can resume paying our bills and mtgs and buying food and necessities and immediately. That would boost our economy quickly. The congress needs to stop worrying about 2012 and worry about the now. Pass the tier 5 and help us out. Why are we ones that have to lose? Why don't they offer to give their bonuses or part of their salaries wayay to help out. Ya right, I forgot they are too greedy and do not care about the rest of the country. They only are out for what they can get back that will benefit them. Pass tier 5 now for us or you won't see 2012 win in your elections.





    Ms. Pelosi

    And from all your friends in the Congress, the Senate, And the White house!!!

    Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way.....

  20. You effs over at ue friends they will not be addressing your handout needs in the next 2 week. Get over it, go away. Stop already!


  22. Any new State laws akin to Arizona's new policing policies, will be a waste of time if Sen. Harry Reid passes the Dream Act--or incremental AMNESTY?


    Before Senator Harry Reid goes ahead in the imminent Lame Duck session in introducing the obnoxious Dream Act (DE FACTO AMNESTY), Agjobs or any immigration reform law rewarding people who stole into America. We should remember if the Dream Act passes, this will allow the new legitimized students to bring many more family members into the country under "Chain migration" law. THAT MEANS MILLIONS MORE IMMIGRANTS WILL BE COMING HERE, THAT TAXPAYERS WILL HAVE TO SUPPORT? Asked senile Reid and his Liberal Progressives the cost of yet another Amnesty? Ask Robert Rector of the think-tank Heritage Foundation, as his analysis of amnesty recipients have very low education levels (75 to 85 percent have only a high school diploma or less), they are likely to receive more in government benefits than they pay in taxes through most of their lives. When they reach retirement age, amnesty recipients will impose a large net cost on taxpayers, receiving each year at least $17,000 more per person in benefits than they pay in taxes. That means people who have never paid anything into the ailing Social Security system, will also be rewarded of those who come here under the the chain migration laws.

    The illegal immigrants granted amnesty under this law are likely to impose a net cost of at least $2.6 trillion on U.S. taxpayers during their retirement years. Doesn't Reid have no sympathy, no respect for US taxpayers who pay the bills for anybody who slips into our sovereign country. Why should we pay for other nations poor, when we have an estimated 15 million Americans seeking work? Policymakers should carefully consider the potential long-term fiscal costs before enacting the amnesty provisions of this bill. One of the largest costs to taxpayers annually is the instant citizenship of babies of illegal parents (Anchor Babies) This number of infants ranges in hundreds of thousands annually that have long term expenditures, in education, health care and other taxpayer public services. Until the real fencing is built (double layer with electrified paired fencing), and stop internal enforcement is not compromised by both parties. Sen. Reid, Pelosi, Barbara Boxer,Napolitano nearly killed E-Verify and such is it is, is only voluntary for businesses owners.

    The Tea Party and moderate Conservative, Republicans and Democrats must enforce 1986 immigration law and no more funding to Sanctuary Cities as with New York and California. Bombard your Senator and Congressman in Washington, by calling (202)224-3121 In addition; don't let your State representatives off the hook either? Learn more of the truth, not LIES at NumbersUSA. Learn about corruption in Washington and State Capitols at Judicial Watch

  23. Hey Poster @ 11:57am.

    The truth must hurt, evidently you are one of those lazy slobs I was refering to. And you also have a filthy mouth that needs to be washed out with a bar of soap. You mentioned Kentucky so maybe it is not your fault if you are an uneducated hill-billy. Why don't you get up, go outside and get some fresh air and exercise. Start Monday off on a new foot and get yourself a job. It is not that hard of a thing to do and surely you don't expect to live off the Goverment forever do you?

    If you need any further advice, just let me know.


  24. I'm looking forward to hella christmas cash this year. Are you?

    I want an ipad, some 22s and I think we're going to vegas for new years. yay yay

  25. Hey Texas Pete, You should be the poster boy for inbreeding. Your comments are without any education or understanding about what is going on. Do your research you soap box preacher!!
    What a joke.

  26. You fn deadbeats make me sick. So fn tired of you people.

  27. We are so happy the nice Senators are putting us first when they return next week and voting on the "Dream Act"
    Thanks to all of you for supporting us.
    Now we will be able to take the higher paying jobs as well.


  28. Obama got the finger when he went country to country looking for jobs! They must thought he must be nutzzzz! He thinks they are going to take jobs away from their people and give it to the USA? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The only country stupid enough to give away their jobs their future for some quick cash is the USA!

    Now 15% of the population is going to go hungry because of the greed of our country!

    Well thankfully for the republicans, the rich will be getting a tax break for the holidays!!!! More presents under their tree this year I guess!!!

    I hope those dumpsters don't get too crowded this year! We may have riots breaking out because off food shortages in those dumpsters!

    Happy holidays MS Pelosi!

  29. Texas Pete makes a good point. His mama tought him that she could always make money using her thang. She would never be an out of work 99er, but a prosperous 69er working down at the Brazo's or Trinty Rivers. Lets takes Pete's advise. Hey Pete, show us how can squeal like pig. YeeeeHa

  30. We as a people just don't seem to have it in a nature to get out in the streets by tens of thousands and scream we're mad as hell and aren't gonna take it anymore. In Europe they don't think twice. And they don't wait for organized rallies. I guess it is not in our culture, or so it seems.

  31. 1. Find a gun.
    2. Use it.

  32. You are so right 4:06, all these men must be sissy or afraid to fight for what is right.

  33. Like lambs being led to the slaughter house. Is that our culture? Or is it we dont have the motivation to stage POWERFUL protests. If tier 5 fails to go through without an uprising of strong protests it serves us right.

  34. To Poster @ 3:20pm.

    Your comments are demeaning and uncalled for, and you should be ashamed of yourself. When one speaks as you do it is easy to see why you are unemployed. Why don't you take better care of yourself, read a book, turn over a new leaf, anything productive and contributing to society.
    Go look into your mirror and tell yourself, "I can get a job", "I can get a job". Remember as a child the story of (the little engine that could), remember what the little engine kept saying, "I think I can", "I think I can"
    We'll, you can do it to. Come this Monday clean yourself up and look into the mirror and tell yourself, "I think I can" then go out and get yourself a job.
    Let me know how it goes and good luck.


  35. What very well could end up happening is they do not pass any more extensions but yet pass the so-called Dream Act making all the Mexicans legal.
    Then the Goverment will pay for their education in order for them to take all the remaining good paying jobs. Yes we should be in the streets raising total hell.

  36. Yes Mike that is what we are hoping for, the nice Senators have assured us the "Dream Act" will become law. Thanks for all who have supported our cause.

  37. Pete it looks like 3:20 woke you up. Your previous posts were patronizing, condescending, only to create an invidious atmosphere amongst the contributors to this blog. Writing bad will remarks such as yours need to be answered with equally offensive comments to get your attention. I dont think 3:20 meant those things, but your last comments have shown that you can man up and realize how desparate a situation exists. If you really think 6 million 99ers are a lazy group of slobs,as you have previously said, then what are you thinking? Are you thinking at all?? Lets all pray that so many of us will find a way out of this...perhaps with a little help to find the way. Bless you Pete,we know you arent really a bad guy.

  38. TO THE POSTER @ 5:51pm.

    Yes I was a bit out of line myself earlier and thanks for pointing that out. No doubt the Goverment needs to do something to replace the jobs they allowed to move over-seas. It is the fault of the Goverment but I am only trying to get people motivated and have confidence in themselves. It seems the Goverment does not care so therefore we need to fend for ourselves for our families. I do not want to promote chaos but I really do not think there will be any more unemployment compensation without some type of mass protest, many of them. The Goverment knows that is not the character of the American people to do that so in turn they do not care about the crisis people are facing.

    Good Luck To All,


  39. Texas Pete is just mad. He/she went to a family reunion yesterday....had to see all the ex's haha.

    ever wonder why they cant solve any crimes in texas, pete? the dna is all the same

  40. Texas Pete - You can't take back remarks like that so easily. My turn to insult you. Isn't Texas lucky to have a worthless idiot like you living in their State.
    Get a life. We are fortunate we are smarter, brighter and more than you will ever be. I wonder what you contribute and accomplish in life. I'm sure it's nothing. Oh, don't people like you stand on street corners. I thought so. Because you do this lowly job, you can't give advice to people like us who have earned more money than you will in your many cat lives.


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