Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah Palin Divorce: RUMOR

Sarah Palin Divorce Rumor. Of course, Sarah Palin has been in the center of a lot of political stories. Her rumored 2012 presidential bid, her daughter is in a reality show - and come to think of it, Sarah Palin's Alaska premieres this week on TLC.

It comes as no surprise that Sarah Palin's entire life is in the public eye. Living in the public eye, you become susceptible to the chance of falling victim to nasty rumors.

And that's what's happened to Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin and Todd Palin, despite the rumors to the contrary - are NOT getting divorced. I repeat - Sarah Palin and her "First Dude" are still a happily married couple.

Come to think of it - Sarah Palin didn't even know about her divorce - and $20 million settlement - until she read about it in the grocery store.

She and Todd are pretty good people. They just laughed it off. At least Sarah Palin and her husband know that they will fall victim to these sorts of things like rumors.

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