Friday, November 12, 2010

Zahra Baker Search Ends.

Zahra Baker search ends. In a devastating change of events, bone cancer survivor Zahra Baker's remains have been found. This news comes about a day after authorities indicated that they had found "additional evidence" in the case, yet failed to elaborate more.

Zahra Baker has been missing in North Carolina for over a month now. Human bone recovered during a search has been confirmed to contain Zahra's DNA. Her birth mother has flown to the US from Australia before Authorities made the announcement.

The missing girl's case had been investigated as a murder for quite some time now. Her stepmother is a person of interest, and hopefully her remains will tell investigators the tale of what happened to her so that the person responsible for her death can be brought to justice.

A prosthetic leg used by the girl had been discovered a few days ago, and confirmed to belong to the young girl after examination of medical records from Australia.

Although sad, perhaps now that Zahra Baker's search ends we can find closure and bring the party responsible to justice.

1 comment:

  1. change of events?
    Was there ever seriously a doubt that this poor girl was killed by the people who were supposed to protect her in this world?
    I agree this is sad beyond belief, but closure in a case like this is a mirage.
    RIP sweet little girl.


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