Friday, October 1, 2010

Meg Whitman Housekeeper and Maid Scandal Threatens California Governor's Race?

Meg Whitman's housekeeper and maid scandal could threaten the California Governor's race.  In California, there's a more progressive voter base.  Given that the maid that came forward and said that Meg Whitman hired her despite her being illegal is Latina, chances are the scandal will have a negative impact on the Hispanic voters base.

Whitman claims that she never knew that the maid was illegal until she announced her candidacy in the run for governor. 

Gloria Allred, the celebrity attorney, is representing the maid in question. They produced a letter at a press conference, which indicates that the Whitman's had at least some indication that Nicky, the maid, was possibly undocumented. 

The former maid is seeking compensation and mileage. Some are pointing to this is a possible political sabotage in the wake of the November 2 election. 

Despite throwing an unprecedented amount of her own fortune into the race, Whitman is tied with State Attorney General Jerry Brown. 

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