Wednesday, November 3, 2010

California Governor Election 2010: Meg Whitman Loses To Jerry Brown?

California Governor Election 2010: Meg Whitman Loses To Jerry Brown? California's governor race has been a tight one. Meg Whitman, a self made billionaire and former eBay CEO pumped MILLIONS of her own money into her campaign.

Whitman took the same approach as Bloomberg, but at the same time Bloomberg was successful in becoming mayor of NYC, whereas Whitman may not have been quite so successful at becoming the governor.

We've followed Whitman through the race, and for the most part it's been not so positive for her image. We learned of Nicky, her illegal immigrant housekeeper. Whitman also recently refused to take down Jerry Brown attack ads.

Still yet, I hope Whitman, if she is declared the true loser in the California Governor Election 2010 race she's not discouraged. Perhaps she will see a future helping out California when the time is right.


  1. Hmmm, besides this being very poorly written, it doesn't make any sense to state the hope of Meg Whitman helping California in the future? What does that mean exactly? If she can't win the election now, she probably won't in the future either. Too many people know she's a liar, a cheat, is greedy for giving herself $120,000,000 right before laying off 10% of Ebay staff, treated her housekeeper like a slave, and doesn't have the experience to be Governor!!! She's a LOSER through and through.

  2. Californians need to help California - out elected "leaders" cannot!

    Congrats Jerry.

  3. Meg will never be a loser sorry....Haters

  4. There are 2 sides to every accusation. Meg knows how to get results and does what is necessary. If she loses it is a loss for California. Remember you can not help the wage earners by hurting the wage payers and the only way government can give you anything is by first picking your pocket or your children's pocket. Businesses do not survive by running deficits and I was hoping Meg would bring that mentality to the state house and rescue CA.Lastly I am rather surprised at Meg's compassion that after finding out her housekeeper had lied and committed felonies to pull the wool over her eyes she simply fired her without turning her over to authorities. A true lady indeed.

  5. California will never get better until you realize that you continue to pick losers, WAKE UP!!!. Meg is who she is because she is smart, we need people like her to represent our state, BUSINESS OWNERS that work hard and are smart they don’t need our money, don’t need our taxes to support the world she is capable enough to do it on her own, NOW you pick AGAIN the wrong ones and yeah FYI work harder make less..... WOW VERY SMART Choice Geeeee
    Meg I am a business owner and if I have to cut personnel I will, haters talk they don’t use their brain. Meg is Smart and builds her bridge and GETS OVER IT, reserve your comments she is still doing well and will always do well.
    R.V. Orange County, CA.


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