Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pennsylvania Election Results 2010: SENATE Pat Toomey Beats Joe Sestak

Pennsylvania Election Results 2010: Pat Toomey Beats Joe Sestak. The Pennsylvania Election results 2010 for the Senate seat is that republican Pat Toomey won over Joe Sestak in the heated Senate race.

The White House didn't want this to happen, but similar to how Ron Johnson won over Russ Feingold in Wisconsin.

The anti-incumbent sentiment is running rampant, but perhaps not rampant enough to allow Carly Fiorina to head to Washington to represent California. Barbara Boxer is the incumbent and is a Democrat, so it appears as if California is staying BLUE.

However, Pennsylvania is unique. The incumbent changed parties, and then lost the nomination during the primaries after being painted as a flip-flopper.

However, the GOP picked up the Pennsylvania Senate seat.


  1. Did a Sri Lankan toddler write this?

  2. Sestak, after promising in his first campaign of 2007 to help us get out of the illegal Mideast war then went immediately on to vote (three times!) to support Bush's request for MORE war funding. He lost my vote, and a lot of others with that deception.

  3. Illegal war? How was it illegal if congress authorized and funded it? Idiot.

  4. First of all...did it ever occur to you that you can't just walk away from the war, (it seems everyone has forgotten-started with the Bush Administrations "treason" tactics) you actually have to make it safe to get out? Did it ever occur to you that funding supplies the troops that are there, while they are there, with much needed equipment? Unlike the Bush administration, who sends the same troops over and over again into what is basically a suicidal mission since they do not have the proper equipment. Do you remember Vietnam? Perhaps you should read up on it. Yeah, I guess it's much better to vote in a Republican who will make sure no progress is made for the next two years, or more, due to their pathetic stalling tactics. These are the people that are supposed to serve us and yet they would rather do nothing just to make the President look bad, so they can get into office in two years. How sad, that we, the public, must suffer the consequences of the Republican immaturity and lack of duty of their post.


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