Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Delaware Senate Race 2010 Results

Delaware's Senate race results were a crushing blow to Christine O'Donnell, who lost her bid for Joe Biden's former senate seat in Delaware. O'Donnell blames not the Democrats or her opponent Chris Coons for her defeat, but the division within the GOP.

The state's Republican Party was against O'Donnell and her camp had to work hard to win over the GOP supporters in the state. Had this time been expended working on Democrats and independents, she could have at least closed some of the gap that existed between herself and Chris Coons, the opposition.

The Delaware Senate race was one of the most widely watched races of them all. Christine O'Donnell was perhaps the candidate with the most media coverage and in the end winning the nomination was enough to catapult her in to superstar status. I'm sure we will see a book deal from her, and perhaps a radio/talk/reality show or two.

What are your thoughts on the Delaware Senate Race 2010


  1. This woman had no credentials for high office. Rage is not a qualification for higher office.

  2. The Republican Party of Delaware (including her former opponent) made a major error by criticizing Ms. O'Donnell publicly and by failing to support her. Also, Ms. O'Donnell was inaccurately portrayed in the press. One recent example is when various news outlets and writers claimed she did not know the freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights. As an example, see "Name That Freedom" by Jophn Schwartz in the October 23 "New York Times." Schwarttz reveals that he, himself, rather than Ms. O'donnell, does not know what the First Amentdment to the U.S. Constitution actually says. Journalists, such as Schwartz, were so anxious to ridicule Ms. O'Donnell that they could not take time to read the wording of the U.S. Constitution nor research the history of "Separation of Church and State." If Ms. O'Donnel had received the support and help of the Republican Party of Delaware and the RNC, and if she had not been so misrepresented by the press, I am confident that she would have won that all important Delaware Senate Seat.


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