Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prop 19 Loses [DID NOT PASS]

Prop 19 loses - DID NOT PASS - in California. I'm bummed. Not that I live in California, but I find the whole prospect of legalizing marijuana interesting. Although I don't partake in the drug personally, I find the whole prospect of legalization intriguing.

After all, think of the MILLIONS of dollars that are heading south of our borders each year to pot famers in Mexico? That would create a wonderful tax base for the United States, wouldn't it?

Maybe not good enough. The prop 19 lost, despite national attention and suspected massive support.

Field polls leading up to the election weren't in favor of the measure. The "yes on Prop 19" campaign really didn't do a great job informing the public on the bill, as many had questions over 1) what would happen to current medical marijuana patients, 2) how the State would deal with the Federal government, who vowed to "vigorously enforce" federal laws against "legal" pot peddlers, and 3) how cannabis would be taxed.

I think if Prop 19 is tightened up, and questions answered it will end up passing in the future, paving the way for legalized pot throughout the country.

Although prop 19 loses, it actually really did not pass but did win in a sense by bringing up dialogue.

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