Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Georgia Election Results 2010

Georgia Election Results 2010 are in, and there were some surprises. In the Georgia gubernatorial race, Nathan Deal is the governor elect of Georgia with 53% of the vote. He narrowly avoided the 50% margin that would have brought him in to the necessity to have a runoff election.

Nathan Deal beat the Democratic Candidate Roy Barnes, who was Georgia's governor in years past. Although it wasn't a reelection bid, Deal beat out Barnes - although in California former governor Jerry Brown beat eBay CEO Meg Whitman.

In other Georgia election results, Johhny Isakson (R) beat out Thurmond Michael for the office in the US Senate.  This is another GOP victory.

Austin Scott beat out the four-term incumbent Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall. This was another shocking race which shows the anti-incumbent sentiment created shocking results.

What are your views on the Georgia Election Results 2010?


  1. it was not anti-incumbent sentiment. it was anti-democrat sentiment. and there was nothing shocking about it. it would have been shocking if there had NOT been a republican tidal wave.

  2. Handle it Roy.....Handle it handle it! lol


  3. No Kidding. How many sitting Republicans were run out of office? Not many.

  4. Voting for government leaders ( conservatives), who tell you that government doesn't work, is basically saying, they don't work and just want to do as little as possible to help anyone, except corporations. There is a reason why Georgia schools have the lowest success rate, our standard of living is one of the lowest, and Georgia is losing high paying manufacturing jobs. Our State government doesn't work. Be careful what you ask for.

  5. In my opinion, it is not Democrat or Republican. The message that needs to be sent (and We did)is if you are not doing what is best for the country, "we the people" will remove you from your post. REMEMBER THAT.

  6. I am nuetral when it comes to politic, but I am very concerned when nothing ever seem to change in the rural south. It really does not seem to matter who is in office in this rural area of Georgia, Quitman County- Georgetown, Ga. We are so poor that the property valued in the county goes up just to make ends meet and the money just seems to fall through the universe. Yet we are so well off that our governor gave several million dollars to a private plastic factory while all his colleage stood by silently- yet we have to pay the highest taxes in the country for the non services we do not receive. Our highway was cut once this year! Everything falls in the hand of a select few!

  7. It does not matter who is in office when it comes to Repupbicans, Democrats or Indepemdents. What is missing is for these parties to cooperate to provide for the Americans. Provide does not just mean give away money. The Government Parties need to work together to accomplished what is best for the American people. If the officials who are elected now cannot do the job , then during the next re-election they may not be elected. Also what was accomplished and passed by the Democrats should not be undone by the Republicans just because of a party difference. Remember Politicians COMPROMISE is necessary on some issues.

  8. Get a grip. If you think you have accomplished something by the forcing "incumbent losers" out, you will be sad to find a different batch of "incumbent losers" on the next election cycle. Notice that our elected officials are well taken care of? Members of Congress don't have to depend on Social Security for example? Big money, special interests, lobbyists etc., control our elected officials, hence control our government. This should have Americans outraged. Until the purchasing of influence is significantly reduced or brought to an end, the ugly cycles will continue. Campaign finance reform is going in the wrong direction. A Supreme Court ruling this year whittled away at effectiveness of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. On Nov 2, 2010, Sen. Russ Feingold, lost his re-election bid. See link below. Now what?


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