Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alaska Senate Race 2010: A Write-In Wins Senate Elections?

Alaska Senate Race 2010: a write-in wins Senate Race? Considering that the votes have been counted electronically, the Alaska Senate race 2010 has not been called yet.  Why not? The majority of the people in Alaska have voted for a write-in candidate. 

That means that all the ballots must head to the state's capital and be hand.  The "intent" of what the voter wrote in is somewhat subjective.  "Lisa Murkowski" is hard to spell, and if there are other "Lisa M's" and other similar looking names running for Alaska's senate seat, then well...there could be some big problems. 

Already, people are concerned about voter fraud in Alaska's Senate race.  The GOP is frustrated with Lisa Murkowski's insistence on running...had she not run for her Senate seat, then Joe Miller would have been a sure thing. 

Miller defeated Murkowski in the primaries after receiving the endorsement of former Governor Sarah Palin. However, Miller faced significant scandals and therefore could have lost critical votes to Murkowski when she announced she would run as a write-in, 

What do you think of the Alaska election results 2010 - Senate.

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