Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Harry Reid Victory Speech

Harry Reid was able to deliver a victory speech. This was great news for the Democrats, and especially the White House. Obama and his wife, Michelle, spent the last couple days hitting the campaign trail and Harry Reid was one of the main races that they wanted to see won.

During his victory speech, Reid said that Americans in Nevada chose "hope" over "fear." He also claimed the state would move forwards instead of backwards...typical political speak if you ask me.

Reid also gave props to the opposition, saying it's not "us" vs "them" it's every Nevadan together working together.

All in all, this was one victory speech that many Democrats were fearful wouldn't take place. Below see a video about Harry Reid delivering his victory speech.

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  1. Breaking......President Obama summoned John Boehner and Harry Reid to the White House today for a "cry-in-your-beer" summit. SHOCKING story at:

    Peace! :-)


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