Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[HOUSE] Nancy Pelosi Election Results 2010 [UPDATE]

Nancy Pelosi Election results 2010 are available, and believe it or not Nancy Pelosi was re-elected quite easily for another term in the House. However, power has shifted in the House and she will no longer be the Speaker of the House, as that has shifted to Republican John Boehner from Ohio.

John Boehner gave a very emotional speech when the GOP took control of the House. Of course, we have to make it through the Lame Duck session before he gets to take his new role but it's a big change in the government.

It's not 100% certain or not if Nancy Pelosi will actually serve her elected term. She has said she will discuss her options with her family, with her caucus, and pray about results of any of her decisions.

So will she return to the House to serve the term she was elected to? That's still up in the air, but we will provide you with updates. Nancy Pelosi election results 2010 are now available what do you think?

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